Hani & Aisah Dalduri

A sister textile design duo with a simple mission to put emphasis back on living in harmony with the environment



We've been exploring the relationship between textiles, human needs and the environment in several guises - through educational initiatives, exhibitions and most notably, designing printed textile products. Only working with natural fabrics and eventually committing to linen, we draw on paper, print on pre-cut base cloths before piecing them together using classic construction techniques. All by hand while maintaining minimum waste and energy consumption. From rethinking a simple tote that carries one's daily load to stretching beyond the parameters of a traditional hospitality uniform, the idea is to design prints that draw attention to the fabric: how it fulfils a need and connects the user to its natural source.

Putting emphasis back on making choices with the environment in mind, though many may think that the restrained detail of our work is largely due to how everything is made by our two pairs of hands. Our products are intended to be tools to help one consider quality over quantity. Recalibrate from wanting the cheap and discardable to appreciating the time-honoured and durable. Tools to inspire towards textile possessions being once again celebrated and cherished, not short-lived and hurled into landfills. But that's not all.

Since we work with a material ubiquitous in our lives, we're constantly switching back and forth between designing and consuming. There are more questions than answers and we realised a need to address the oversimplification of highly nuanced conclusions. Did we commit to linen because it's better than cotton? Is natural fabric superior to synthetics? Choosing organic and fair trade solves the global issue, right?

The decision to write this new chapter was driven by the conversations we've had as sisters over breakfast and partners while discussing colour palettes. Conversations with people working in close proximity to what we do and those far from it. Conversations with discerning patrons of our craft and those who simply seek enlightenment. And now, a conversation with you.

In here, you'll find that living in harmony with the environment extends beyond the convenience of trusting labels and claims. It's dependent as much on your connection with nature as on your sense of responsibility towards protecting it, as much on how a product was made as on how you extend its product life, as much on the habits you can pick up as on those you can omit. We hope the time spent here is a nurturing and reflective experience for you as it is for us.


Work with Hani & Aisah

We've designed with brands and businesses who put high value on using natural materials creatively and responsibly. From working with international beauty brands like The Body Shop to award-winning hospitality group Amara Hotels & Resorts, we place human needs and the environment at the heart of our design practice.

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