Wear it for years and still feel like you're wearing for the first time — here’s how

 Fictive Fingers - Hani and Aisah Dalduri

Hey, we’re Hani and Aisah

Sister duo textile designers with a simple mission: we want you to wear your clothes for years and still feel like you’re wearing for the first time.

Why? Because clothes are being thrown away as quickly as new ones are being added to the racks. Every. Single. Day. You’re spending more of your hard-earned money on clothes than you should be and if you think donating them after another round of decluttering makes you feel good, try only having clothes that you really like and check off more places from your travel bucket list.

We’re not asking you to have a minimalist wardrobe of only solid colours, restrict yourself to buying X number of clothes per month or rummage through one thrift store to another. If that’s how you roll, cool.

But there’s one problem that even your organic cotton, naturally dyed clothes can’t solve right away. If it’s not going to withstand for years, quickly showing signs of wear and tear before finally falling apart, it’s not really doing the planet a favour. You’ll soon put them in the charity box and they probably end up polluting a landfill in another country.

Clothing is an investment for your future.

Spotting signs of long-lasting quality means you’ll enjoy what you spent on for years, not weeks.

Knowing what fabric fits your lifestyle means you won’t make the mistake of wearing something that suits your friend but not you.

Refusing clothes made of plastic-based fabric means healthier skin and you won’t contribute to microplastics that’s now making its way to the food you eat.

You’ll realise that not everything out there appeals to you anymore and that’s a good thing. We can assure you that not all brands create products with you in mind.

So let us help you find those that do.

You’re not going to do it overnight. You may feel fired up and ready to take action right away, sometimes mull over what we covered for a few days. And that’s okay.

We break down the complexity of the textile and fashion industry so you can always come back here for the reminder and reassurance you need.


How did we get here?

We started Fictive Fingers to design prints that bring attention back to hardworking fabrics with 100% natural fabrics, particularly high-grade linen, as our foundation.

We cut and print fabric manually then piece together using construction techniques that promise durability. Apart from our sewing machines, nothing works harder than our own hands. It takes more time and skill but we use less resources and generate less waste.

Patience pays off because the quality of our work speaks for itself.

It took us years of producing long-lasting pouches and totes before we released our Linen Wrap (Kimono) in 2015. We wanted to be sure, just like the rest of our work, a wearable piece made by our hands looks good for years so you’d want to wear it over and over again, instead of getting rid of it as soon as it has lost its charm.

The secret to the quality of our work? There’s no secret. We’re here to unfold what clothing brands are not telling you.

If you’ve read our story this far, thank you. We hope it means you see yourself being part of this community. Head over to our FAQ page where we answer more of your questions about what we do.

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