The world needs more people like you

Who won’t settle for cheap fabric and sloppy stitching, clothes designed to lose their charm quickly so you have to buy more and look forward to the next new thing.

Or excessively marketed to be “sustainable” or “ethical” because those that are, don’t have to declare themselves, they just be. When it comes to labels, you know how anyone can talk the talk but not all walk the walk.

You care about materials and want to know what you’re wearing inside out. You’re at the right place where the conversation starts with the fabric that touches your skin daily to how it connects you to the environment.

If you don’t feel like you’re quite there yet, we’re here to help you be well on your way. In fact, you may relearn some things you thought you knew.


We have much to lose if we keep everything to ourselves

We break down the textile and fashion industry that’s worth billion of dollars while being one of the most polluting industry so you can make simple changes that matter.

Before you add to cart, check against this 3-step quality guide

Spotting signs of long-lasting quality means you’ll enjoy what you spent on for years, not weeks. These simple steps easily tell you if something’s made well (or not).

When you say NO more often, you can say YES to the right choices

You’ll realise that not everything out there appeals to you anymore and that’s a good thing. We can assure you that not all brands create products with you in mind.


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