About Fictive Fingers, Hani and Aisah Dalduri

What’s behind the natural material palette and subtle symmetry, the hand-drawn designs and lived-in look:

A simple mission to put emphasis back on low-impact living starting with the fabric of our lives.


The practice of getting rid of our clothes, bags and shoes as quickly as we buy them needs to change radically, retailers and manufacturers need to rethink their methods, more textile recycling and regenerating systems need to be developed.

This might take a while. Until then, do you part by making practical and effective changes.

Appreciating textiles, the way we choose, wear, wash or create with them, can be simple.

 Fictive Fingers Textile Waste
 Fictive Fingers Linen Wrap

“Such an important topic that’s rarely addressed as admirably or written about so beautifully.”

— Alexander Devol


“After watching the video, it makes me more aware of what fabric I’m wearing and what kind of fabrics I want to invest and wear in the future.”

- Sabrina Siow

 Fictive Fingers Vlog

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