The Linen Tote

Made-to-order, handprinted and zero-waste textile products by Fictive Fingers, from our hands to yours.


The Linen Tote

SGD 120

Totes are easy to come by but not this long-lasting piece that gives you a peace of mind knowing we go to great lengths to keep the quality standards high and environmental footprint low.

Let it hang or sit pretty at your entryway because you’re likely to carry it over and over again, especially since it goes with any outfit. On days you can rest your shoulder and have a lighter load, fold and bring it along — you might just decide to get groceries along the way.

From our hands to yours, without an inch of fabric wasted and available in natural and black.

  • 100% European Linen

  • Handprinted with water-based, nontoxic ink

  • Spot clean, gentle cycle and line dry recommended


“I can’t go back to smaller totes now. This tote hides everything! From a full bag of eco-friendly stuff like a lunchbox, tumbler, utensils etc, to secret lunch time shopping and parcels to mail, this tote is my best friend!”

- Desiree


⌄ Why zero-waste

Unless designed for zero-waste production, fabric waste is inevitable. When products are mass-produced, the bigger the production, both in number of pieces and design options, more waste gets generated.

Then when products are not produced to stand the test of time, they quickly become unwanted, destined to be thrown away. It’s a systemic problem.

We don’t see fabric as is. Every inch represents the resources used - the soil, flax plant, water, energy to power fiber machinery. And since high-grade European linen still requires a great deal of hand labour, we see the people - farmers, mill operators, quality inspectors. And it's reflected in your Linen Tote.

⌄ What it feels like

Throughout history, linen has been the fabric of choice for its strength and comfort that comes naturally from the long fibres of the flax plant. Lasting for years and revealing its matured beauty over time - exactly what you'll experience with this Linen Tote.

Since the natural and black linen came in different texture, there's a slight variation between the two options.

Natural fibers, linen and cotton alike, go through a bleaching process to allow dyes to be absorbed and produce the wide array of coloured fabric. This process removes the natural hue, random specks to create a white, blank canvas and depending on the intensity of the process, it’d also loosen the stiffness of the fiber.

That's why the Natural Linen Tote has more structure while the Black Linen Tote has more flexibility. You decide what's best for you.

⌄ Made-to-order

To support the zero-waste design, we take pride in making it only when you order. Instead of taking part in the guessing game of predicting demand, our made-to-order model allows us to focus on design and craftsmanship without the unnecessary waste. We don’t make to stock up inventory shelves, we make the Linen Tote for you.

We don’t run the raw edges of the fabric through a serger machine. We meticulously encase them, seamlessly using reinforcement stitching and top stitching high-stress areas to form a solid body. It takes more time yet we only need a single spool of 100% cotton thread in our entire sewing sequence.

⌄ Tell me more

We carefully design our prints in such a way that we can use the same screen for years. Also reusing of waste water when washing our screens, significantly reducing water consumption required for this long-established technique.

So for a long-lasting print, we wash the fabric before printing so it anchors our ink. Cold water, low energy cycle and no detergents - just sodium carbonate, a natural cleaning agent. As a result, your Linen Tote is soft and ready-to-wear when you receive it. No factory smells.

Linen contains lignan that prevents bacterial growth so your Linen Wrap can be worn several times without washing and remains odour-free. Less washing, more carrying.

Natural Linen Tote

Natural Linen Tote

There’s a generous pocket that fits your important things like keys, passport or your pocket diary. The body measures 48cm by 48cm with comfortable straps measuring 25cm from your shoulder. Need it to be shorter or longer? Write a note to your order.

Black Linen Tote

Black Linen Tote


A few slots added for January 2020

We recently hit our made-to-order capacity for the year but it looks like we could add a few more orders. Each time orders reopen, there’s a capacity based on fabric availability and set in a way that’s healthy and manageable for us to work. Our process takes time, we hope you find satisfaction in slow buying and slow living in a fast-paced world as you anticipate a new year gift for yourself!

⌄ How do I order?

Click on the order now button and you'll be directed to our order page. Payments are made via PayNow and you'll receive a confirmation email from us within 24 hours.

⌄ Why local addresses only?

Shipping, just like air travel, has a significant impact on the environment. Our products have travelled to far corners of the world for the past 7 years but we're determined to lower the environmental footprint of our work as much as we can. Shipping within Singapore is part of the pursuit.

⌄ When can I expect my order?

You'll be receiving your order within the first two weeks of January 2020 and an email with the tracking number will be sent to you when your order is on the way.

⌄ When else can I order?

This is the final opening of orders for 2019. The next is likely to be in February.