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Check against this 3-step quality guide

Spotting signs of long-lasting quality means you’ll enjoy what you spent on for years, not weeks. Once you know these simple ways to tell if something’s made well (or not), you can determine how long it will serve you.

Then you’ll soon be the go-to person for quality checks.

Plastic Clothes

Your clothes are made of plastic and staying here forever

After watching this vlog, you’ll start to see how clothes are increasingly made of plastic-based fabrics, particularly the one dubbed as “miracle fibre”.

Find out more about the fabric that’s making sweat pool up in all the wrong places and why you should consider another choice.


Where your donated clothes go to and it’s not to those in need

If you’ve always thought that pair of jeans you put in the charity box is helping someone who can’t afford it, sorry to break it to you but that’s far from the truth.

The clothes you give away for free are either swapped for cash or burnt into ashes. Both ways contribute to an even bigger problem.


Make it last longer even if it’s not designed to

Put a poorly-made product in the hands of someone who cares, it will go a long way.

Stop repeating these two laundry mistakes and learn how to choose cleaning products that are gentle to your clothes and on your skin. This chore is about to become something you look forward to every week.