Buy Better, Buy Less


Wore your kimono today.

It still feels and looks good after more than 2 years.

- Amilia Gani


I still carry your pouch. Everyday. Rain or shine. Snow or sand. It now has yellow stains from oil based paint but I can’t part with it yet because everything else is still working. I have no excuse to move to the next pouch.

- Gita Lestari


It was easy to pick out the kimono piece that I got from you guys two Christmases ago. It is my utmost favorite piece and I treasure it enough to hand down to my future children.

- Lin Shafie

 Fictive Fingers Bumi Pouch

These are a handful of the stories from our community who recognises consumption as a means for change. Transparency and shared values are worthless without real action. What if extending product life by even nine months reduces its waste and water impact by 20 to 30 percent? What if considering cost per wear instead of at point of purchase makes every piece an affordable investment? There's no fix-all but buying better and buying less is one step towards low-impact living.

You may not be able to own a Fictive Fingers piece anytime soon but you can consider the practices our products are meant to cultivate by watching the Buy Better, Buy Less segment of our vlog series. This segment was created out of the interest of our community upon the release of the first vlog episode, where a common question was: which brands do I buy from? We can simply list down a few brands but it’s important to look into facts and information, those that are made public and those that are not. As textile designers, we scrutinise details from material to source then discern the price and impact.

And that’s what this segment is for: sharing what we know so you can decide what “better” looks like to you.

Aisah Dalduri