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secondhand store


Thank you for seeing value in secondhand.

Something tells us that you’re a fan of our past work and hope to get your hands on them even if they’ve been worn and used.

By extending the lifespan of these used products, you’re with us in this journey of maintaining responsible production in the studio and consumption among the community.

A few things to note:

  1. Open to Singapore addresses only

  2. Prices are final, no bargaining!

  3. To give fair chance to everyone, every update is limited to one item per person

  4. We’ll be attending to your interest manually so if you found something you like, scroll down the product page to submit the form


Contributed by the community



I've always loved making things with my hands and that's why Fictive Fingers and their products really resonated with me.

I have such fond memories of trying my hand out at screen printing, whether at the studio or at home and over the years, have collected many pieces! I used to be the sort to grab all colours if I like something, and whatever I purchased would also be reflective of my mood at that point.

Which could be anything from loud colours and patterns to simple patterns in neutral shades. You'll notice that my secondhand store submissions are all in colours, and the pieces that I continue to keep with me are those in sage, light grey, brown or plain linen.

Plain linen is my absolute favourite! So I decided that it was time to let these pieces that I've hoarded to go to a new home, where their colours may bring their new owner as much joy as all my plain pieces bring me. These really weather life very well, like a good partner, I may add.

May you take this wherever you go and I know it will see you through the ups and downs of life :)



I’m an educator and mom to 2 beautiful children.

I can’t remember when exactly I bought the first tote but it was the Hourglass print in gold from Soon Lee. It was so pretty! I didn’t have any kids yet so the size was good then I got my husband to buy the Raga tote bag from Rockstar since I was in confinement after giving birth to Lutfi. That’s my staple tote bag till today along with the Bumi everyday tote.

I like this tote, it’s easy to match but I am too worried about the gold print fading off or something. I’m not good at maintaining things now that I’m a mom, and it’s just so “sayang” (wasteful) if I leave it in storage. I’d rather it go to someone who will love it and take good care of it.

I hope this tote will bring you comfort, joy and ease in your daily life.



This Linen Wrap is pretty special to me. I’m an editor of a local independent magazine called AKAR. We published our first issue in November 2018 and had a launch event two months later.

I wore the Linen Wrap for the launch event and it's now a part of my memories of a successful launch where I was surrounded by so much support from people who wished for AKAR's growth.

I feel more comfortable wearing something long sleeved and since I've placed my order for the long sleeved Soft Blush Linen Wrap (can't wait!), I feel like it's better for me to let this go so that someone else can enjoy it as much as I did!



Wanna contribute to the store?

Perhaps you’re on the road to having fewer things or your lifestyle has changed since you became a mom. Contribute to the secondhand store where chances are, what you’re hoping to let go of is what someone else has been looking for.

Email us at with the subject “Secondhand Store Submission” and the following details:

  • Clear photos of the product(s)

  • Detailed description of the condition

  • Reason you’re letting it go

How it works

We’ll offer a suggested price based on the condition as stated in your email and if it’s good to go, mail the product(s) to us or arrange a meet up for further assessment. The final price may change if the condition differs and at this point, you can change your mind!

Otherwise, we’ll take the necessary photos and update you once your product has been sold. Full payment will then be forwarded to you once we’ve mailed out your piece(s) to the new owner.