Secondhand Store


secondhand store


Thank you for seeing value in secondhand items.

Something tells us that you’re a fan of our past work and hope to get your hands on them even if they’ve been worn and used.

By extending the lifespan of these used products, you’re with us in this journey of maintaining responsible production in the studio and consumption among the community.

A few things to note:

  1. Open to Singapore addresses only

  2. Prices are final, no bargaining!

  3. To give fair chance to everyone, every update is limited to one item per person

  4. We’ll be attending to your interest manually so if you found something you like, scroll down the product page to submit the form


Wanna contribute to the store?

Perhaps you’re on the road to having fewer things or your lifestyle has changed since you became a mom. Contribute to the secondhand store where chances are, what you’re hoping to let go of is what someone else has been looking for.

Email us at with the subject “Secondhand Store Submission” and the following details:

  • Clear photos of the product(s)

  • Detailed description of the condition

  • Reason you’re letting it go

How it works: we’ll give a suggested price based on the condition as stated in your email and if it’s good to go, mail the product(s) to us or arrange a meet up for further assessment. The final price may change if the condition differs and at this point, you can change your mind!

Otherwise, we’ll take the necessary photos and update you once your product has been sold. Full payment will then be forwarded to you.