Love how the linen wrap feels on the skin, and it’s so quick to dry and easy to match with my clothes.

— Jacklyn


Still looks and feels good after more than 2 years.

— Amilia on her Linen Wrap from the first release in 2015


I love the Linen Wrap! It’s really good for Singapore weather. Seems to even out the air-conditioning cold blast indoors and the heat and humidity outdoors.

— Mylene


Wore it out for nursing today and it works amazing — so cooling and soft!

— Desiree


I love the linen wrap. She is soft and light and drapes beautifully. She can be cooling and at times comfortably warming but never uncomfortable.

— Shin


Your products have seen me before marriage, after marriage and now a mother of 2.

— Yanee who keeps going back her Raga tote


It still looks and feels amazing despite being used almost every other day for the past few years. Even my mom loves how durable it is and now she uses it more than I do.

She was the one who used to balk when I told her how much I paid for it, but she’s now totally convinced that the cost is justified. Just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product!

— Farhana

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