Step inside this September

The well loved Fictive Fingers Retreat is back!

Fictive Fingers Retreat

Fictive Fingers Retreat

Saturday, September 7

10 am - 1 pm


We invite you to a retreat centred around how the release of the Linen Wrap in September 2015 spearheaded a dialogue on the adverse effects of fast fashion, the alarming amount of textile waste and raised many questions on the fabric that touches the skin every day.

Fictive Fingers Seaweed Linen Wrap

The lack of comfort and longevity of clothes became a topic of discussion that led us to write the e-book, What They’re Not Telling You About Your Clothes. In fact, we almost released a clothing line focused on comfort and durability this year but we stopped ourselves — join us for this retreat to find out why.

We’d be sharing our research and lessons through the years as well as, our plans for 2020 as you enjoy a private viewing of new products we’ve been quietly working on and a secondhand store with pieces contributed by the community. The online secondhand store was such a hit, you’d want to check this one out!

Fictive Fingers Retreat

It’s been many years since we last hosted a retreat. Since we primarily run online, we host these retreats to go offline, gather the community and have real-life conversations with you.

It’s when we get to talk to you face-to-face and share all the behind-the-scenes while listening to your feedback as well as answer questions. It’s where you get to see a breakdown of our work and experience our products not the way you’ve been through emails, Instagram or our website.

Folks who have been to a retreat will tell you that it’s the real deal.

In the past, we’ve rented a mini van and hosted a series of tours to textile shops, transforming the way participants look at these run-of-the-mill merchants and shared some hidden gems. We’ve even taken over an entire cafe to talk about our slow design process and exchange thoughts over lunch. We’ve also hosted these retreats at our studio several times.


Fictive Fingers Retreat

Saturday, September 7

10 am - 1 pm


10 am

Have a cuppa as we talk about the fabric that touches your skin everyday. As textile designers, we look deep into the very foundation of clothes. The fabric, in-between processes before the final construction and how the combination of steps determines the comfort level as well as lifespan. We almost released a clothing line this year but didn’t — find out why.


11 am

Immerse yourself in a live demonstration of our creative process from idea on paper to a product you’ve loved for years. This is where we’ll present some of the products we’ve been quietly working on and if you purchase a ticket with printing experience, you can get your hands on printing one and bring it home! *Printing experience tickets sold out.


12 noon

Go around and check out our new products, the secondhand store and the community wall. Get to know other folks or take this time to experience the retreat on your own — whatever rocks your boat! Our retreats are fully hosted by us so we’ll always be there to have a chat, answer your questions or help you decide between one colour option and another.


Retreat Tickets

It’s not a retreat if you have to shuffle through a crowd so we always make it a point that the experience is comfortable and kept small.



One of the products we’ll be introducing is the redesigned Linen Tote. Pre-order now and receive your tote in person at the retreat!

Can’t make it for the retreat? You may also pre-order and receive yours at the end of September.

Fictive Fingers Retreat

Experience Ticket

Our retreats are closed-door events for the simple fact that mass isn’t really our thing, just as how our products are created for only a small group of people in this world. You deserve a Saturday morning well spent, without the crowd. Save your seat at the retreat with a ticket at SGD55 or SGD85 with printing experience.



Will there be products on sale?

Yes! But as you know, we run on a made-to-order model to minimise waste and make products for you, not to stock up inventory. Only if you were to purchase a secondhand product, you’ll be bring it home right away.

What if I can’t make it after the Linen Wrap pre-order or getting a ticket?

If you place a Linen Wrap pre-order and can’t make it for the retreat in September, we can arrange for your order to be shipped the following week — local shipping is always free!

If you got a ticket, it’s not refundable but transferrable. Which means, you may offer it to a friend or someone you know who’d be interested. Alternatively, you may contact us and we’ll try our best to offer your ticket to the rest of the community but we can’t promise it’d be claimed eventually.

Can I bring someone along?

Okay our answer has two parts:

  1. We’ve hosted many events where we encourage bringing a friend along and in most cases, that said friend, partner or spouse had fun too because there are on-going activities like a live printing booth and manicure bar for nails with our prints. This time, it’d be more conversational and we most certainly don’t wish to have anyone who don’t really want to to be there have to listen to us talk about things he/she is not interested in.

  2. But we also know how it feels to be an introvert. We personally get anxious when we have to attend events alone and have to engage in conversations with total strangers. The Fictive Fingers community is filled with incredible folks (mostly women) from all walks of life but if you see the need to have someone come along with you, be sure to give a thorough heads up!

How about kids?

We love them. We’ve worked with kids and enjoy hanging out with our little nieces, even if it means baby-sitting them for an entire day.

But this retreat is a rare opportunity for you to treat yourself to a couple of hours away from having to attend to a child’s needs. You’re an awesome mom and you love your kids. Joining this retreat and having someone to care for the kids that morning won’t negate that fact :)

Can I get a ticket once I’m sure I can make it on September 7th?

Tickets are limited and they won’t be available once we’ve reached maximum capacity. If the retreat isn’t something that makes you mark your calendar right away, it’s okay to embrace JOMO — joy of missing out. If the retreat sounds like something you’d enjoy, we’d love to have you over.