Designed and made to last


“Damn you guys for making such quality stuff.”

- Gita Lestari


It starts at the drawing table.

This is where we put together initial design sketches and map out product details, sometimes with snacks within reach because we’re all for products designed to serve many needs.

On a serious note, we present every micro-consideration, from fabric source to construction techniques for promising durability, in a form of hand-written notes and doodles.


The cream of the crop.

Not all linen are the same. To select high-grade linen that aligns with our design approach, we spend an obsessive amount of time studying linen and its properties. That’s why we proudly stand behind the products we create.


“The Linen Wrap is so cooling and so soft (sigh) good linen is good linen.”

- Desiree Tay


You order, we get to work.

We design with you in mind, not to stock up inventory. From our hands to yours, it’d always be worth the wait.

The guessing game of predicting demand and producing in abundance is wasteful. Our made-to-order model allows us to focus on craftsmanship and thoughtful design without the unnecessary waste. We maintain a 2-week lead time and delivery date is stated when you’re ordering.


Made to last years of loving.

One of our fondest childhood memories is going to fabric shops with our Mom and late Grandma. The fabric would either turn into Grandma’s wardrobe staples sewn using her vintage Singer machine or sent to a home-based seamstress a few blocks away. Those clothes stayed with us for years. We hope our work reminds you of the inherent comfort in welcoming something made with care into your life.


“I love The Linen Wrap so much — I’ve had it for the past 4 years.”

- Nadia Nazri