Q&A: Linen

Sister duo textile designers Hani and Aisah Dalduri answer top questions you have about linen clothes.


Watch us answer your top questions about linen:

  • Why don't some linen products feel and last as well?

  • How to differentiate high-grade linen?

  • Is high-grade linen really the only way to go?


Wanna know more about the fabric of your life — that touch your skin every day?

You know this already:

Light-weight, soft and cool to touch but not making you feel better in the heat. Fits like a glove when you tried it on then goes out of shape just after a few washes. Stitches start to unravel. Colour fading in certain areas. If your clothes are not falling apart, they’re losing their charm.

At first glance, it’s no big deal. Especially with the increasing amount of clothing options priced to convince you that it’s normal to constantly find a replacement. But the cumulative frustration from not having a basic need truly fulfilled is hindering your everyday life.

Clothes hold the power to determine your psychology for the day. The fabric that touches your skin every day can improve your mood, make you feel more empowered, put you in a specific frame of mind. If you’re always struggling to find the clothes made for you, not knowing exactly what to look for, chances are you’re spending your hard-earned money on clothes destined to be thrown away.


What They’re Not Telling You About Your Clothes is an e-book that invites you to know what you’re wearing inside out.


Because you deserve clothes that work as hard as you do. Clothes that soothe your sensitive skin, not aggravate it. Clothes that make promises and keep them. Clothes that got you covered, not short-changed.

Get to know fabric beyond their names and your first impression of them. You’d be surprised how much some fabric care for you and all you have to do is to return the favour. What’s referred to as a chore can become a therapeutic routine as part of the small steps to a wardrobe you love.

You’d want to declutter but you can now do it responsibly. And there’s no need for another round soon after because you won’t have excess, only clothes that meet your needs as a result of making smart decisions that you’re proud of.




For a price of a t-shirt, get this interactive e-book with over 100 pages designed in PDF format with clickable chapter links for easy navigation.

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Why we wrote this e-book

For years, we’ve been designing textile products made to last. The Linen Wrap got people wondering the secret to its quality.

Well, there’s no secret.

From cheap fabrics to sloppy stitching, today's clothes are increasingly designed to lose their charm quickly so you have to buy more and look forward to the next new thing.

We believe that you can wear clothes that were made for you. We believe you can wear it for years and still feel like you’re wearing for the first time. They don’t have to be tailored or leave your wallet empty. If anything, such quality clothes will save, rather than cost, more money.

Years of pouring our time and hearts, working with fabric has opened our eyes to how clothes, the fabric that’s most connected to the everyday, can transform the wearer’s life while making a difference to the people who make them and the environment.

That’s why we’re sharing our vault of real-life insight in this e-book — everything we wish more people knew about What They’re Not Telling You About Your Clothes.



What readers are saying


“Thanks to your e-book for unlocking the secret for me!”

- Yingzhao


“Super eye-opening and I’m seeing my clothes (and laundry) in a different light now.”

- Sabrina

“It’s amazing how much you guys know and I’m so glad to learn!”

- Desiree


“I feel like my skin can finally breathe. Totally relate to many of the things shared in the e-book!”

- Mardhiah


“The Wardrobe Worthy Cheat Sheet is definitely something that I’ve been referring to every time I step into my favourite retail store.”

- Ummairah