Limited Edition: Taki Furoshiki

  • Traditional Japanese Wrap cloths for totting around goods and gifts in eco-friendly style. Comes with Furoshiki Guide Card with wrapping instructions.

    Introducing a new member of the Fictive Fingers print family, Taki represents the human connections we preserve when giving and gifting. Perfect size for wrapping your potluck contribution at the next dinner party or give the host as a gift. Its multi-purpose feature varies from hand carrier to hanging wall art.

  • Printing Ink: Hand-mixed, water-based and nontoxic
    Measurements: 25 by 25 inches or 65cm by 65cm
    Material: Japanese Linen 

  • Orders placed by 15th December will be shipped the day after and may be in time for Christmas for local customers
    Free worldwide shipping, always
    Send us a note if your order is a gift or needs to be expedited

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