Fictive Fingers Printing Kit

It's finally back! Everything you need to start creating patterns and print on fabric, totes, t-shirts and more. Screen and squeegee custom made for printing on fabric, hand-mixed nontoxic inks, special waterproof stencils that we use at our classes and access to demo video. If you're not a confident self-learner, we encourage you to join a class. Check out our September and October schedule here.

Free shipping only for customers in Singapore, flat rate shipping of $20 for International customers. Kits start shipping on 28th September.

The Full Kit

Know someone who'd love to get his or her hands inky? The Full Kit is the perfect gift. Screen, squeegee, 3 bottles of hand-mixed nontoxic inks, waterproof stencils and instruction booklet with access to the demo video, all packed in a box. We'd love to help you send the message so leave us a note if you'd like us to deliver to that lucky person directly.

Screen and Squeegee

The vital tools to screenprinting on fabric, customised to achieve a good quality print. Screen measures 15cm by 25cm and squeegee fits just right. You may find alternatives to the other materials, depending on your budget and preferences.

Hand-mixed nontoxic inks

We hand mix all our inks to the right consistency and colour tones for our classes and these are the most popular choices among our class participants: Reef Green, Dusty Pink and Tangerine. You may find alternatives at our local craft store, however, inks do expire. That's why we have ours bottled in a nice 100ml aluminium screw cap bottle that's just about enough for a few projects.

Waterproof Stencils

We love raving about these stencils. Easy to cut, thin enough to ensure quality print and of course, waterproof (not to mention easy to wash) so you can use it over and over again. Go ahead and cut the most complex designs you want!


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