The Linen Wrap

The Linen Wrap


For Singapore addresses only.

Designed for comfort and constructed to last so you wear it for years and still feel like you’re wearing for the first time. Your Linen Wrap is made by our two pairs of hands without an inch of 100% European linen wasted and printed with water-based, nontoxic ink. Measuring 95cm wide, 65cm long when flat with an 25cm armhole, this versatile piece drapes loosely so you’ll look and feel put together dressed up or down. Read the story behind the Linen Wrap here.

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The soft creases that reflect light and form shadows is part of linen’s beauty, which makes taking photos tricky. We try to capture the closest colour and there may be slight variation for different monitors but rest assured, it’s a good decision no matter what colour you pick. If a colour is unavailable, it means the entire bolt of fabric has been secured by the orders prior to yours.


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Made-to-order Process

To support the zero-waste design of the Linen Wrap, we take pride in making your Linen Wrap only when you order. Unlike inventory-based companies that are in the guessing game of predicting demand and always end up generating waste with deadstock, the made-to-order model allow us to have an ever-changing material and colour palette while maintaining minimum waste.


We also maintain a 2-week lead time which means we make a certain number of Linen Wrap at a time. Once the week’s capacity has reached, we’ll update the next delivery date accordingly. You’ll be notified when your order is on the way.

More reviews

I love the Linen Wrap! It’s really good for Singapore weather. Seems to even out the air-conditioning close blast indoors and the heat and humidity outdoors.
— Mylene
I love the linen wrap. She is soft and light and drapes beautifully. She can be cooling and at times comfortably warming but never uncomfortable.
— Shin
Love how the linen wrap feels on the skin, and it’s so quick to dry and easy to match with any clothes.
— Jacklyn
The other day I had this idea that I could probably use the linen wrap as a nursing cover so instead of buying a nursing cover that I’ll probably use for 2 years max, I thought I should invest in the linen wraps that I can use for more than 2 years!
— Shima
I wore it out for nursing today and it works amazing! Plus so cooling and soft.
— Desiree