Our Process


worth the wait


It’s what you’ll say when you receive something from our hands to yours.

Be it the Linen Wrap or Linen Tote, every piece that leaves our studio and into your life reflects a great attention to detail and long-lasting quality at first glance. In fact, it will continue to with each passing day.

Gradually, the fabric will soften and the form will adjust to your lifestyle, revealing its matured beauty unlike the moment you unwrap it.

That’s why we believe in slow design.

Our creative process isn’t just about making a good product but a great product that will last for years. That’s made of 100% European flax linen without an inch of fabric wasted. That's hand-printed using hand-mixed, water-based, nontoxic inks. That’s sewn from start to finish by the same hands that designed it. That honours human skill and respects the environment.

That’s why we run on a made-to-order model.

We drastically minimise waste when we’re not in the guessing game of predicting demand. We make for you, not inventory shelves. We hardly have excess and when we do, we make them into another zero-waste product. All made possible through our close relationship with our suppliers and your trust in us to deliver as promised.

But we’re not perfect.

We’ve come a long way before our zero-waste approach to design and production. Before our packaging is finally plastic-free, reusable, recyclable and made from responsible sources as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

We’ve used the same screens to print our patterns for years but we haven’t worked out a retirement plan for them. We still accumulate fine fiber from washing and cutting fabric and we haven’t quite figured out the best next course of action.

It’s a long journey and we’re glad to have you join us for this ride.


“Thank you for leading the way and educating us to consume ethically and thoughtfully.”

— Jasmin Ivins