Our story began with the love for quality textiles and seeing the need to create products that embrace the unique properties of natural fibres. Since day one, we handpicked the highest quality cotton and linen as the basecloths of our work.

In 2016, we introduce a new chapter where all our products are entirely made of linen, the oldest and highly prized natural textile of them all. People have been wearing linen for thousands of years, before silk, wool and even cotton - an epitome of timelessness.

The process of making linen is known to be reliant on nature. Linen is woven from the spun fibers of the flax plant, with glossy green stems and pale-blue blooms. An annual plant that only lives for one growing season and once the stems turn yellow, they will be fully uprooted for harvesting, maximizing the quality of the fiber.

Flax are not only cultivated for its fine, strong fibers, but also for its seeds to produce oil used as dietary supplement as well as a natural drying solution for painters. Nothing goes to waste.

Once the flax have been harvested, they go through a process called retting. There are various methods used by different manufacturing houses, to create a suitable environment for bacteria to breakdown the flax. The most common method is to lay the flax on a field for weeks where the combination of air, sun, and dew causes fermentation.

After retting comes drying and curing to break them down even further before the weaving process, where they are categorised in different quality grades.

Until today, we work closely with local textile merchants who have been part of our journey since the earlier days. These stores are family-owned and specialise in stocking linen from specific regions. Sometimes these linens are "too costly" and "plain" for the general market so they get tucked away while the digitally printed and decorative fabric take the limelight.

We like to think that the work that we do is giving these linen a chance of a new life where they are well appreciated and treated with attention and care.

These carefully selected linen are available in limited bolts which drives us to keep our work ever-evolving so every piece is always rare and special. The best thing about quality linen is that they look great rumpled or pressed and most importantly, wear out beautifully.

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