Now Create

In his classic, remarkable lecture delivered in 1991, John Cleese drew attention to the fact that

"Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating."

As self-taught artists, this hits home. We're all capable of creating something we can call our own. The connection between what the mind perceives and how it processes for expression is incredibly malleable. As soon as you realise that your ability to create is a trained behaviour, you will make a conscious commitment to seize every opportunity to create. If you're constantly waiting for the right mood to strike or when you achieve the mythical work-life balance or the kids to grow up, you will never create anything your heart truly desires.

In hindsight, we had no idea that our interest to take part in every art contest back in school or preference to make gifts instead of buying them for friends and family or even those spontaneous weekends spent flipping through tutorial books could potentially lead us to being working artists we are today. 


Not all of us are put into this world to pursue a creative career but creativity is essential to our very existence. It's the driving force of seeing beauty in the everyday, solving problems and producing ideas, irregardless of your lifestyle and profession. 

The unspoken truth is you are the sole custodian of your creativity and where it takes you.

It's what we advocate to thousands of people who have attended our classes and invited talks throughout the years. NOW CREATE is our next response to the pervasive idea that creativity is limited to the finite time and resource you think you have. A subscription program starting January 2017 where we explore a subject matter with the intention to initiate creative expression through print. 



Each month, we'll introduce a subject matter and show you how to integrate it into your repertoire with two pattern templates for novice and intermediate skill levels. We'll also be featuring a Singapore-based professional whose line of work is well associated with the subject matter to give a glimpse into their world so you can reimagine with a broader perspective. The end result could be a handprinted fabric, wall art, repurposed wearable - you make the call.  



Here's what you will be receiving on the 1st of every month:

  • Introduction to surprise subject matter
  • Exclusive interview with featured professional
  • Two printable pattern templates designed by Fictive Fingers
  • Tutorial of a piece created using the templates including colour study, material glossary and tips

We'll be using the Fictive Fingers Printing Kit throughout the NOW CREATE program. If you don't own a kit, make sure you purchase one upon subscribing.


Early Bird Subscription

We've reopened the early bird subscription for subscribers in Singapore until November 18th so this is your very last chance to receive a sweet 50% discount and complimentary ART FRIEND membership. This is the only time we're offering the 12-month subscription and it's no surprise that it's the popular choice among the growing #FFNOWCREATE community.

Commit to giving yourself the precious creative time you deserve or since it's the holiday season, subscribe as a gift for that special someone you know would love enjoy the program. 

If you're purchasing a Fictive Fingers Printing Kit, the kit is scheduled to be mailed out by the end of November to avoid the holiday season so you can receive it by mid-December, ready to start in the new year!


1-month Subscription $20
Available in January 2017


3-month Subscription $55
Available in January 2017
  • Only $18.40 per month
  • Scheduled for January - March 2017


6-month Subscription $95
Available in January 2017
  • Only $15.80 per month
  • Scheduled for January - June 2017


12-month Subscription $135
  • Only $11.25 per month
  • Scheduled for January - December 2017
  • Complimentary 2-year ART FRIEND membership
  • Subscription option will not be available in 2017


*ART FRIEND is the go-to art supply store with all your creative needs and we're sure you'll be visiting them often throughout the program. With the ART FRIEND membership, you're entitled to store-wide discounts and special promotions. This bonus is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with ART FRIEND (BBC) PTE LTD. This bonus will not be valid once the early-bird subscription ends on November 13th.


Words from the #FFNOWCREATE community

"I'm always interested to undertake a new creative challenge, particularly one that I can incorporate into my own schedule around children, family and life commitments. Looking forward to seeing what unfolds over the coming months!" - Angela Campbellsmith

"I'm a mama who wants to get out of the routine and use this as an opportunity to do that and go exploring with my son. I really enjoyed the screen printing experience when I went to your studio last time and I can't seem to find the time to join another studio class so this is a great alternative!" - Teresa Liew

"I'd describe myself as a closet creative and I think Now Create will be a great stress reliever." - Nicolette Ng



Will the subscription open to others outside Singapore?

Yes! Subscription will be open to all come January 2017 where you'll get to order the Fictive Fingers Printing Kit if you like and choose the subscription option that fits. If you'd like to be notified, pencil in your details on the waitlist here.

What will I receive upon subscribing?
On the 1st of every month, you will receive a downloadable PDF package that contains an introduction of the subject matter, exclusive interview with featured professional, two printable pattern templates (one that is easy to start of with, another with more challenging details), a tutorial of a piece created using the templates including colour study, material glossary and useful tips. The PDF package is limited to the month in which it's released.

Here's a sample of the PDF package:

What's the difference between single-month and multi-month subscription?

Single-month subscriptions are only available upon the release of the subject matter on the 1st of every month starting January 2017. This is suitable for you if you're unsure about committing to several months.

Multi-month subscriptions are available in 3-month, 6-month and 12-month options. You're given up to 50% discount off the monthly subscription rate and it's an assurance that you'll receive the PDF package in a timely manner on the 1st of every month. 

Can I know all the subject matter before subscribing?
No. The basis of this program is to keep an open mind and experience with a sense of wonder. If you'd prefer to know the subject matter before committing, we recommend purchasing the single-month subscription that will only be available upon its release on the 1st of every month starting January 2017.

If I don't like the subject matter of the month, can I exchange it with another?
No. We believe that everything can influence the way we think and eventually create, even things that we would normally not give a second glance. We put a lot of thought into designing a program that would inspire but of course, we can't account for everyone's preference. Again, if you prefer to know the subject matter before committing, we recommend purchasing the single-month subscription that will only be available upon its release on the 1st of every month starting January 2017.

Can I use my own screenprinting tools instead of using the Fictive Fingers Printing Kit?
If you're an experienced screenprinter or have access to screenprinting supplies, you may choose to use your own but we'll not be accountable for any variation in the way you experience the program. Our printing kit includes professional-grade materials that we've customised for our classes so if you're unsure, contact us here and we'll advise accordingly.

Am I limited to only fabric-related projects?
Absolutely not! If you've been to our classes, you'd know that the knowledge and skills we share can be applied on various surfaces. This program encourages you to explore and break new grounds within your repertoire.

Will the templates be similar to Fictive Fingers' line of work?
Some what. We'll be exploring a wide variety of subject matter throughout the year, some of which we may not have integrated into our work you've seen thus far but the templates will have characteristics you've come to associate with our work.

Can I purchase the program subscription as a gift?
Yes, definitely! The gift option includes the Fictive Fingers Printing Kit with a welcome note to the program, wrapped up with a box. You'll have to provide the recipient's name and email address upon subscribing.

Can I share the subscription with others?
No. This program is meant to be a personal experience, however, if you'd prefer to take it on with a friend or family member, they would have to be subscribed to the program as well. Sharing the subscription simply devalues the amount of thought and effort put into this program and it would be considered as unauthorised distribution of a copyrighted work. We make it a point to keep the program subscription affordable so let's play nice, shall we?

Can I get a refund if I don't use the subscription?
All subscription purchases are final. Please read all available information carefully and if you have any questions, contact us here.

Can I sell the products created through this program?
This program is for personal use only and any items created using the templates provided are not for commercial distribution. However, if you created your own design, you have the right to do so.

Can I request a previous month's subject matter that I've missed?
No. The PDF package is limited to the month in which it's released so make sure you follow us on Instagram for #FFNOWCREATE updates.

Can I request for an existing Fictive Fingers design (e.g. Raga)?
Our designs are not for licensing or distribution so no, we won't accept such requests.

What do I need to prepare once I've subscribed?
You don't have to prepare much, actually. As long as you have your Fictive Fingers Printing Kit, some inks and printing surface at the ready, you're off to a good start. We'll include a material glossary in every PDF package but it's entirely up to you to embark on a project within your means.