We've been expressing ourselves visually since were kids - drawing, colouring, painting, making paper lanterns, outdoing the previous greeting card we handmade for our parents. Over the years, we dabbled with various form of creative expression and in the midst of finding that spark, printing by hand on fabric was what we resonated with until today.

While printing our own body of work, we had the sense of purpose to let others experience the joy that printing by hand brings. Its fascinating and therapeutic quality is in the process, immersing yourself in the making from drawing to print and the in-betweens. But we know that embarking anything new on your own, like stepping onto unfamiliar soil, comes with this niggling voice of self doubt asking questions like: Do I have what it takes?

That's why we went to great lengths to design Fabric Printing Basics by putting ourselves in the shoes of an absolute novice, with no prior knowledge, who perhaps have lost touch with the inner creative, which all of us have. We looked into all the misconceptions and pared down the process to an approach that is brimmed with vital basics, not to make the technique easier but to create a learning experience that encourages you to continue apply the knowledge and skills, play around with it without guidance at home. 


We tried our approach with every printing material in the local art supply store and went on to equip Fabric Printing Basics with customised, professional-grade tools that will last through all the messy fumbles and happy dances after a fulfilling inky adventure. The best part about having a good grasp of the basics is you can still create great prints using readily available or even unconventional alternatives.


Since its inception in 2013, Fabric Printing Basics have connected with thousands of people from all walks of life. Some come in with an open mind simply to try something new while others travel from the far corners of the world to experience what they've only seen on Instagram. It may not beat at the same pace in a city known for the hustle and bustle, but with the increasing dependance on technology to get through another day, Fabric Printing Basics is a timely reminder that our bare hands are capable of so much more than we think.


 "Makes me appreciate the time and effort that goes into each design Hani & Aisah come up with. Thank you for the patience and tips, I loved that they used easily accessible and affordable tools so you can also do it at home."

- Kee


Fabric Printing Basics 2018 
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