Hani & Aisah

We grew up in a small, quiet neighbourhood in an otherwise bustling city of Singapore and there's something about our creative process that connects with the quality of life we once had and now strive for - a life filled with wonder and gratitude for the simple things.

When we first sat down in the living room and asked how we see ourselves as a sister collective, we knew deep in our hearts we were meant to create with our hands. Going by the moniker Fictive Fingers lies in the foundation of our work, the manipulation of the fingers while drawing with emotion and printing patterns inspired by the abstract and imaginative on fabric. Working primarily with natural materials and screenprinting by hand, we believe that the appreciation for speciality textiles is beyond what the eyes can see. The artistic expression of personal stories and passionate hours spent in the making shine a different light from those produced in abundance.

All of the work we do is to inspire better living. When we harmonise patterns and natural textiles to design functional and seasonless products that weave seamlessly into everyday life, we only create what could be an antidote to an increasingly impersonal world. When we incorporate our design approach while collaborating with clients from government organisations, non-profit initiatives to international brands, we foster design as a tool for change and not to make things pretty. The ripple effect then begins with every discerning patron of our craft.

When we're not behind the drawing, printing or sewing table, we're out there teaching thousands of learners across classes conducted at offices, schools and public spaces, locally and abroad. Other times, we advise artists and designers when translating their work into handprinted fabric. When the opportunity arrises, we get featured at talks and panel discussions such as Creative Mornings and as part of Singapore Design Week previously, contributing to topics such as slow design, textiles, sustainability and small business culture. Sharing what we know is at the heart of our work as what Nelson Mandala once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."


Selected Clients 

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, BW Maritime, The Body Shop, DesignSingapore, Dulux, Esplanade, Foreign Policy Design, Innisfree, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, J'adore by Christian Dior, Mercedes-Benz, National Arts Council, National Library Board, National Heritage Board, National Trades Union Congress, National University Singapore, Oakwood Asia Pacific, Oliver Wyman, Singapore Tourism Board, Skin Inc, The Substation, SWATCH, Soon Lee, Uniqlo, WWF Singapore, Yayasan Mendaki 


Sustainable Practice

Nature has done its part by providing quality materials we use in our work and we do our best to walk softly on earth in the process.

Our selection of basecloths are all 100% natural linen sourced from regions that make the best. Not only do linen last longer but are completely biodegradable in the much later future. The linen are cut to size before the handprinting process to reduce wastage. Why linen?

We only use water-based, nontoxic inks and we mix them to the right colour tone and consistency before printing. Handprinting varies for different patterns and material, but we value these subtle shifts as part of the production process. As a result of these variations, each piece is truly one of a kind. 

Combining self-trained precision of the eye and careful handling of the delicate materials, we make everything in the studio. Without any machinery apart from the sewing machines, we keep energy consumption to a minimum. Nothing works harder than our own hands.