We grew up in a small, quiet neighbourhood in an otherwise bustling city of Singapore and there's something about our creative process that connects with the quality of life we once had as a child and now strive for - a life filled with wonder and gratitude for the simple things.

We knew deep in our hearts that we were meant to create with the best tools we already have - our hands. The moniker Fictive Fingers lies in the foundation of our work, a manifestation of drawing with emotion and printing the abstract and imaginative on fabric. We believe that the appreciation for functional textile art is beyond what the eyes can see. The artistic approach to design and passionate hours spent in the making shine a different light from those manufactured in abundance. 

When we harmonise natural fibres with print, we only create what could be an antidote to an increasingly impersonal world. When we incorporate our approach while collaborating with clients, we foster design as a tool for inclusive change and not to make things pretty. The ripple effect begins with every discerning patron of our craft and their stories.

When we're not at the work table, we teach thousands of learners across classes locally and abroad where they reconnect with their innate sense of creativity and capacity to create with their own hands. Whenever the opportunity arrises, we speak and take part in panel discussions, contributing to topics related to slow design, story telling through textiles, sustainable creative process and small business culture. 


Selected Clients 

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, ArtScience Museum, BW Maritime, The Body Shop, Club Rainbow Singapore, DesignSingapore, Dulux, Esplanade, Foreign Policy Design, Innisfree, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, J'adore by Christian Dior, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mercedes-Benz, National Arts Council, National Library Board, National Heritage Board, National Trades Union Congress, National University Singapore, Oakwood Asia Pacific, Oliver Wyman, OUE, Singapore Tourism Board, Skin Inc, The Substation, SWATCH, Uniqlo, WWF Singapore, Yayasan Mendaki  


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