OOAK Wall Print


One-of-a-kind Wall Print

SGD35 / SGD55

These one-of-a-kind wall prints are made of fabric pieces from sampling for clients and test prints over the years but as you already know, we minimise waste any way we can so these wall prints are very rare and limited. Whatever colour or print it comes in, it’s a delight to look at and happy to be among your plant friends. But wait, there’s more.


We’ll surprise you

You’ll select the colour scheme (light or dark) and preferred size of your wall print. There’s the adorable 4-inch and palm-sized 7-inch to choose from, followed by a few short questions that will help us work out a wall print for you. Then enjoy the anticipation and excitement when it arrives at your doorstep in 2 weeks.

Fictive Fingers OOAK Wall Print

Every single piece is different

That’s why it’s simply isn’t feasible for us to list all of them online. Remember how we’re all about made-to-order, not stocking up inventory shelves? This allows us to turn the fabric pieces into OOAK wall prints only when you order and if it fits your liking. Otherwise, we’ll find other use for them. No sad unwanted wall prints, no waste! The photos you see here are of wall prints from the previous release and are now in their new homes as well as our own personal collection.

Fictive Fingers OOAK Wall Print

Inspired by a gift

In 2015, Nadiah flew in from Malaysia to learn fabric printing and surprised us with a gift she made in her hotel room. Featuring a line from our website bio, this piece is a constant reminder of what we stand for. We hope our OOAK wall print has that effect on you too.

Fictive Fingers OOAK Wall Print

Available in limited quantities

For Singapore addresses only with free registered shipping. We’ll take you through an interactive order page to get a sense of your preferences and only payments via PayNow are accepted.