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More about sister duo textile designers Hani & Aisah Dalduri.

Hani and Aisah Dalduri

We embrace the natural quality of unbleached linen with light specks of flax, soft creases from movements throughout the day and subtle traces of hand labour.

We honour the 100 days from seed in the soil to the naturally durable linen fibre and the process to create without an inch of fabric going to waste.

We relish the beauty that can only be achieved through making one piece at a time while the industrialists make more in less time.

We let the sound of snapping scissors, pulling of the screens, washing in between prints and sewing of fabric be a calming rhythm of an artist at work.

Not of a hasty mechanical beat of factories powered at the press of a button.

Because we’re not here to create something to be quickly replaced and forgotten.

We’re here to create something that last for years in harmony with the environment.