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If you’ve been looking for a holistic approach to living comfortably on a small, functional wardrobe or guidance for your brand of handmade products, you’re in the right place.

The years of working with fabric and making with our hands have changed our lives. From helping us choose fewer, better clothes to growing a creative business doing what we love.

These free resources are what we wish existed when we were starting out. Whether you’re reducing your impact by down-sizing your wardrobe or pursuing your craft, we’re here to help.


secrets to growing a small handmade business

october 5th

Running a business on your own can sometimes feel like you’re embarking on a journey blindfolded — heading on different paths in uncertainty.

If you make by hand and sell your work, receive weekly strategies we’ve picked up through the years to thrive small and slow in a big and fast world.


steps to building a small wardrobe you love

coming soon

Taking one step at a time is all it takes to feel the difference. Receive weekly prompts with one thing you can do to build a wardrobe you love.

Packed with actionable insights and fabric knowledge so you can shop smarter and take better care of your clothes.