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More about sister duo textile designers Hani & Aisah Dalduri.


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Have you ever made something really great?

You spent hours sketching out your idea, sourcing for the fabric and sometimes spending days to get that first piece done. You took photos of the whole process, shared them on Instagram and gained some likes so everything seemed promising.

When you put it up for sale, it stayed there for days, weeks…months.

You registered a booth at an arts market. The organisers promised a crowd of like-minded people so every night you’re cutting fabric and sewing away to make sure there’s inventory. On the day you stood by the booth, you watched people walk past all your hardwork.

When someone finally showed interest, your heart sank as the product was placed back on the table.


We’ve been there.

We know what it feels like to invest so much time and energy but not see results. We know what it feels like to have the love for the craft and creative process trickle away. We know what it feels like to be on the verge of quitting.

But to date, we’ve made products for thousands of people in our growing community who are always excited for what we come up with next.

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients from global beauty brands like Innisfree, educational institutions like the world-class ArtScience Museum, industry leaders like BW Maritime to hospitality groups like Amara Sanctuary Resort.

What started as a simple idea of collaborating as sisters is now known for textile products made by our own hands, with high quality standards and low environmental footprint. Every product we put up gets sold out in a manner of days, sometimes hours.


We wholeheartedly believe you can get from where you are to where you want to be.

You don’t have to create the same products as ours, you don’t have to talk or write like us and you don’t have to follow the way we run Fictive Fingers.

You can create products that reflect your unique skills. You can find your own voice that speaks to your ideal customers. You can write your own success story just by adopting proven strategies that will shave off years of trial and error.


It’s time to honour your skills.


Whether your hands can turn fabric into beautiful clothes, whip up a bag in a few hours that will last for years, create interactive fabric toys for children or soft furnishings that tread gently on Earth.

If you spend significant time honing your craft, this mentorship program is for you.

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✔︎ Learn why many great products don’t get noticed but yours can

✔︎ How to effectively sell tactile textile products online

✔︎ What you must do to win the hearts of paying customers

✔︎ Why you’ll go far only if you charge what you’re worth

✔︎ How to have original branding and deal with imitation

✔︎ And solutions that undo marketing mistakes creatives make


Why are we sharing?

Our dad is the first artist we know as a child. His hands painted murals on our living room walls and signboards for the neighbourhood mosque before digital printing became the convenient option. Till today, he always initiates art projects for the house and he paints with our little nieces whenever they come over.

In the recent years, he noticed a recurring pain on his right dominant hand but continued to keep himself busy even in his retirement. The pain got worse that he had to go through a surgery and now his hand is slowly healing on an arm sling.

Anything could happen to our hands but the knowledge and experiences gained through the years live on.

We’re handing them over to you.

Our hands are instrumental in creating our best work as Fictive Fingers.

But it takes more than just being good at your craft to effectively put your work out there.

Let us help you navigate the complex world of standing out online and running a small yet profitable handmade business that’s aligned with your values.

So you can reap the rewards of honouring your skills too.


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