Focus Formula

More about sister duo textile designers Hani & Aisah Dalduri.


Sounds like you?

I wish I could just spend my days making with my hands.

I don’t wanna do this for the money but this is what I wanna do in life.

It’s a dream job to be paid for what I’m good at and really love to do.

It’d be cool if my handmade business can earn me a living.

I wish there was someone who could show me how.

We’re glad you’re here.



This 5-week training program is about to make your dream a reality.

We pull back the curtain to show you step-by-step how to thrive small and slow in a big and fast world. What awaits is an eye-opening learning experience that will shave off years of ineffective, often time expensive, trial and error.

This training program includes a comprehensive coursework released weekly with an instructional video explaining what you’re about to learn, why it’s important and how you’ll achieve outstanding results in one sitting if you follow through.



If you want:

✔︎ A timeless handmade business unfazed by passing trends

✔︎ To run in small-scale and charge what you’re worth

✔︎ Your attention-to-detail creative process to be worthwhile

✔︎ A community of true fans always ready to buy your work

The Focus Formula is what you need.

A detailed break down of what you must focus on to stand out and sustain long term. Bringing you from where you are to where you want to be by helping you find clarity, meaning, and profitable ideas that work for you.

Join us for this enrolment to start 2020 on the right track!


Program outline

Comprehensive modules covering every step of the process


find your right people


Week 1: November 16th - 22nd

Knowing exactly who your handmade business appeals to helps you make smarter, faster decisions and generate exciting new ideas from product offerings to marketing initiatives. It will drastically lower your costs by streamlining your business for success and lower the chances of unwanted criticism from people you’re not targeting.

Learn how to deeply understand your right people and design your handmade business in a way that effectively connects and convinces them to stick around for what you have in store.


optimise your skills


Week 2: November 23rd - 29th

Leveraging on your strengths and skills is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Stop trying to be original, you already are! When you look into what you can truly offer to make the lives of your right people better, you get to create from an innovative mindset that inspires you, instead of a competitive mindset that drains you.

Learn how to remove limiting beliefs and start recognising what you’re good at by making competition irrelevant and your unique edge the key to growing your business.


create a great product


Week 3: November 30th - Dec 6th

A good product is just nice to look at. A great product is intentionally designed, positioned and priced. When you know your right people and optimise your skills, your creative ideas are no longer just about aesthetics but they’re also strategic. You’ll create products that win the hearts of customers who will buy and tell all their friends about you.

Learn how to get the best out of your skills by implementing brand positioning and pricing strategies.


understand and empathise


Week 4: December 7th - 13th

Modern marketing is rooted in the biology of human decision making. When you recognise the fears and desires of the people you create for, you can influence and persuade respectfully without sounding salesy. Being proactive in addressing their concerns and doubts will build trust and increase sales.

Learn how to rise above a saturated marketplace by embracing human qualities in your business.


sell your work


Week 5: December 14th - 20th

The last thing you want is to make selling your products feel transactional, like big companies with mass produced items quickly moving on to the next customer. What you want is to offer an exceptional customer experience that will retain your right people and grow a community.

Learn how to create demand for your work with a proven methodology of selling to just one person but attract hundreds more.



It’s time to focus on your dream.

Get clear on where you want your business to be and we’ll show you the way.



What you’ll get

✔︎ 5 comprehensive coursework released weekly

✔︎ Instructional video to guide you through the coursework

✔︎ Q&A session with Hani & Aisah at the end of each week

Program schedule

Week 1: November 16th - 22nd

Week 2: November 23rd - 29th

Week 3: November 30th - Dec 6th

Week 4: December 7th - 13th

Week 5: December 14th - 20th

Online and self-paced

All materials will be sent to you via the email you enrol with


Get started on this bonus

As soon as you enrol, you’ll receive this 10-page bonus, High-Converting Workshops: How to Impart Your Knowledge and Skills to Grow a Customer Base.

Learn step-by-step how to craft a creative class that people and press can’t stop talking about. Standing out from the sea of creative classes has nothing to do with how trendy your craft is or what your participants can create within 2-3 hours.

It’s all about providing a high-value experience that’s worth their time.

If you ever wondered how the Fictive Fingers Fabric Printing Basics remained in high demand and timeless for years, this bonus reveals it all.

With useful prompts to help you generate ideas then pare down to the one that has the most potential of being profitable while building your reputation and growing a customer base.

Upon successful enrolment, you’ll receive a link to download this bonus and work on it while waiting for the training program to commence in November.



I really can’t wait to learn from you both! The email about copywriting is so eye-opening. It wasn’t even something I thought about before. I think there’s going to be so many new things I can pick up! So excited!

- Ariel, maker of polymer clay earrings




⌄ When will the enrolment close?

Enrolment is only open once a year. This enrolment opens on October 20th and will close as soon as we reach maximum class capacity.

⌄ What's included in the $298 fee?

5 downloadable coursework in pdf form packed with exercises designed to help you focus on your growth as a creator and small handmade business owner. They're intentionally released weekly to ensure you follow through the sequence and unleash your full potential.

Each release will include an instructional video explaining what you’re about to learn, why it’s important and how you can achieve outstanding results if you complete the coursework.

At the end of each week, there will be a Q&A session covering questions received throughout the week for all to benefit.

Everything you're about to learn is put together from our years of experience and you'll soon realise that many successful small handmade businesses around the world thrive with the same framework. In fact, we'll be covering some of them as case studies in the training program.

⌄ Is it different from free resource?

We're dedicated to share free insight to the mailing list and you'll continue to receive them even without enrolling to Focus Formula. But there's a clear difference between information and education.

Information, you can pick it up anywhere and see where it leads you. Education, you invest in because you want guidance towards your desired result.

There are plenty of free content out there but if you’re not aware of what you need to know and what you don’t, all the free information in the world won’t help. If you're serious about growing your handmade business, invest in yourself because your future depends on it.

⌄ Who is it for?

The Focus Formula is for you if you're the creative whose hands are behind it all. You have a unique set of skills and have tried selling your work online or in person for a period of time. You're keen to learn how to bring your small handmade business to the next level and potentially be your life-long career. You're ready to invest in yourself by committing time and energy throughout the 5 weeks.

⌄ Who is it NOT for?

The Focus Formula is NOT for you if:

You've not started and unsure of your unique skillset. This training program will not help you get started, in fact no program can. You have to be proactive and take charge of your creativity. Once you do and you're ready to level up, we'll see you in the next enrolment!

You want an express ticket to success. It takes time, effort, and dedication to get to where you want to be. This training program provides you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results but you have to be patient, resilient and do the work.

You're selling the work made by other creatives. What you're looking for is a program covering retail, consignment and wholesale practices from a seller's perspective which is not what we offer.

You're looking for access to suppliers and distributors. This training program is strictly committed to help creators build a long-lasting small handmade business, it's not about extending connections.

⌄ What kind of handmade business will benefit the most?

Although our experience is in the textile industry, this training program is not textile-related. The Focus Formula is designed for creatives from any handmade field (i.e. pottery, furniture, floral design, baking, jewellery) who make products with their own hands.

This training program covers various business models like consignment and wholesale but strongly advocate ecommerce because it's the best chance for you to thrive long term.

⌄ Will I miss out on anything if I live outside of Singapore?

No you won't! This training program is self-paced and all materials will be sent to you through the email you enrol with.

⌄ What's the time commitment?

You have other responsibilities and this training program isn't going to take up so much of your time. The instructional videos will not run more than 15 minutes and the coursework can be completed within a day without distractions. But you can take an entire week to work through the materials at your own comfortable pace.

⌄ Why is it so close to the holidays?

The holiday season is when businesses worldwide bring their A game. It's the best time to look around you and pick up learning points from copywriting, brand positioning, packaging to delivering a customer experience.

Working on your small handmade business and not just in it during this period means you get to start 2020 on the right track.

⌄ What’s the coursework format?

The coursework is a multi-paged pdf file with comprehensive guidance and exercises. For the best learning experience, you may complete the coursework on your computer through the latest version of Adobe Reader or print it out. Another way is to refer the coursework on your computer but write down notes and your answers to the exercises on your favourite notebook.

Referring to the coursework through your mobile devices is not recommended unless for quick viewing.

⌄ Why isn’t it in video format?

Apart from the instructional video, the training program is intentionally designed for you to read and write. It's backed by research that the integration of reading and writing helps you effectively transition from knowing to understanding.

Reading heightens your brain connectivity and writing encourages deep understanding of new information. Videos can be helpful but really has a more entertaining value than educational.

⌄ How's the Q&A session like?

Each time the coursework is released, you may submit questions over the next few days. We'll cover as many questions we can by recording a podcast for you to tune in at the end of the week.

⌄ Can I get personal feedback from Hani and Aisah?

This training program is designed by us and while we're actively accepting questions via email, we cannot guarantee individual feedback and mentorship.

You may choose to have us pick up learning points from your website and add as real-life examples for the instructional videos in the program. Which means you get to see exactly how your work can improve by implementing the strategies covered.

⌄ What if I enrol and it isn’t working for me?

The Focus Formula will not work unless you do. We wholeheartedly believe that if you're the one it's designed for and you follow through the coursework, you'll get results.

If you don’t get any value from the first module, email us your completed coursework by November 29th and let us know why it didn’t work for you so we can learn and improve the training program. You’ll then get a full refund and won't receive the rest of the coursework.

⌄ I really need the Focus Formula but I'm afraid to take the plunge.

If you join this enrolment and complete the coursework, a year from now you could be:

  • Earning an income from something you love making with your hands
  • Gaining more true fans and getting known as an expert in your field
  • Trained to override the voice of fear in your head and keep creating

If you don't join us now, it'd be 2020 and you're still figuring out everything on your own when you don't have to. There's never gonna be a right time and every successful person we know started before they're ready.



Why learn from Hani & Aisah


“They have a strong philosophy, and it goes through every phase of their design and production process.”

— Stella Gwee, Singapore Design Week

Considered trailblazers in our generation of creators, we redefine what it means to have a small handmade business and set high standards in everything we do. Our work has been widely featured in press and we’ve appeared in several television programs, including live talk shows.

In 2014, our products were political gifts to Australia’s former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, during her visit to Singapore.

With an active and growing community, our products and initiatives are well-received locally and internationally. People have travelled from the US, Dubai, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia just to attend our classes.

We’ve worked with a long list of clients from brands like Innisfree, industry leaders like BW Maritime, educational institutions like the world-class ArtScience Museum to hospitality groups like Amara Sanctuary Resort — many of which were repeated clients for years.

Yet we’re both still behind every product and interaction since the day it all started in our bedroom.

In fact, we’ve been making with our hands since we were little girls, way before we dedicate our lives to being textile designers, craftswomen, researchers and educators under the Fictive Fingers brand.

Handmade is an antidote to an increasingly impersonal world. With most things done quickly and mechanically today, the human effort seem less important and go unseen (read this).

We don’t think handmade is meant to be just a hobby or a way to start small then outsource the production later. We believe handmade can thrive in this big and fast world by creating real connections and transforming lives.