Frequently asked questions



I've heard about your fabric printing classes, do you still teach?

We've taught thousands of learners in the studio, schools, offices and public spaces in Singapore and abroad for over 5 years. In 2018, we closed this chapter with an online self-learning experience. Write in if you'd like to join subscribers from all over the world and get access to the resources.

I'd like to purchase your products, where can I get them?

We're textile designers, working with brands and businesses who put high value on using natural materials creatively and responsibly. Our work, such as the Raga range, are all made by our two pairs of hands in the studio and are part of our study on the relationship between textiles, human needs and the environment. These products are designed to last so if you see someone carrying one, it's likely to be at least 3 years old. You may not be able to own a Fictive Fingers piece anytime soon but you can embrace our guiding principles.

How about a custom order, commission or wholesale?

We don't accept such requests.

What kind of textile solutions can you work on?

We believe that textile design is a vehicle for human connection because after all, fabric is the material that touches our skin daily. Our portfolio is a manifestation of textile design's ability to bring a sense of wonder upon seeing a feature wall art at a hotel lobby as much as sincerity when receiving a gift wrapped in a Furoshiki. Write in to talk about a textile solution for your brand or business.

I'd like to join the team, any vacancy?

Apart from several interns and studio assistants we had back when we were running regular classes, Fictive Fingers is just us - Hani & Aisah. Thank you for the interest, though!