What is Fictive Fingers?

We’re the sisters you can rely on to share knowledge on the textile and fashion industry that’s worth billion of dollars while being one of the most polluting industry. We’re here to make sure you say NO more often so you can say YES to the right choices.

I mean the name…

We came up with “Fictive Fingers” at the couch in the living room while babysitting our newborn niece Hannah. We wanted to start something meaningful, something Hannah can some day know us by instead of workaholic aunts.

We knew our hands will be our most important tools and “Fingers” is indicative of our work’s precision. Then “Fictive” was from our love for literature.

Hannah learnt to screenprint when she was 3 and enjoys hanging out at the studio during school holidays. She’s 10 now and still thinks we’re pretty cool so the name “Fictive Fingers” sticks.

Where can I buy your products?

Thank you for your interest in our work. All our products are sold directly on our website fictivefingers.com with an exception of collaborative pieces like the Furoshiki with Beylongue & Fille and Tenugui with Takara Gallery. We don’t run on wholesale or commission with retailers.

Our products are focused on transformation, not consumption, so we produce just enough because we don’t need them in abundance, readily available then later sold at discounted prices to clear the racks.

As a result, we reduce waste and help people grow:

“Your products have seen me before marriage, after marriage and now a mother of 2. They’re always my go-to. Your scrap pieces are in frames for my home. Furoshiki to wrap my tissue box that I reuse since I only get the refill now. Bumi sling bag always hung up in case I need to go to the shop and need my hands free.”

- Yanee

Currently, only our e-book is available for purchase.

Don’t you run classes?

Oh you mean Fabric Printing Basics? We’ve been teaching our sustainable approach to fabric printing for over 6 years and now moving forward with classes that not only inspire you to create and appreciate fabric but to make a difference. Coming soon in 2019.

Do you offer design services?

Yes, but we don’t accept all requests.

Let’s make it clear that we don’t offer printing or production services of supplied designs, corporate gifts and promotional products. Requests for recreation of existing work will also be ignored because we respect intellectual property (you should too).

If you want to create a quality product made of high-grade natural fabric with patterns that tell your story effectively, we’re the textile designers you were looking for. Some of our clients that we’ve consulted or designed for include ArtScience Museum, Esplanade, beauty brands like The Body Shop and Innisfree as well as hospitality groups like Amara Sanctuary Resort.

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Then why are you sharing your trade secrets?

As designers, we’re responsible for what we create. But when we’re customers ourselves, we’re responsible for what we buy. That’s only because of the work that we do, there was a time when we trusted every label and claim.

Here’s the thing: consumers, customers, people like you can be the force for large-scale transformation. Think Burberry stopping their practice of burning unsold products after a global outcry, instead of waiting for another Rana Plaza collapse.

It will take time for changes on irresponsible, unsustainable business practices to take effect but when you make simple changes, you’ll see it in yourself first and eventually, the people around you.

You have more influence than you give yourself credit for.

And we have much to lose if we keep everything to ourselves.

Can I ask more questions?

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