Earth Day

We believe every day is Earth Day. Read on.


What we do is time consuming and physically demanding. We can’t flip a switch or tell a production team to get things done. All we can do is show up every day, roll up our sleeves and work smarter, not faster. When there’s more to be done, we simply wake up earlier.

At the end of a very long day, we could sometimes feel drained and depleted, settling for an easy dinner that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook. But you know what? It’s in those moments when we feel this comforting wave of reassurance, knowing that what we do is not just designing and making by hand.

But an antidote in a world filled with things made at the expense of a drained, depleting Earth.

What teaching our low-impact approach to printing on fabric has taught us is that it’s not just about the what, but also the how. We could lay all the materials on the table: hand-mixed, water-based, nontoxic inks, unbleached natural fabric, used hand-crafted wooden screens, biodegradable stencils and a tub filled halfway with water.

But if we hadn’t shown how to not apply the ink excessively, how to handle the fabric, how to possibly reuse the screen and stencils to print for years not just in the class, then how using a tub of water throughout the printing process, reusing the wastewater to significantly reduce the high water consumption of washing under running water, those materials would have been used differently.

You see, when certified organic or eco-friendly resources are used unsustainably, it negates the intended planet-saving efforts. It’s human activity, the way we do things, the way we live that’s subject to scrutiny. Buying less, avoiding single-use plastics, reducing waste, extending the lifespan of clothes by caring and mending. No matter how small an act is, done consistently, it’s worthwhile.

Our work, which spans from designing long-lasting products that witness many life transitions yet still remain a favourite, the Linen Wrap opening a dialogue on the fabric that touches your skin every day to writing an e-book that answers many questions on choosing better clothes, caring for them and wearing them for years, is not for everyone.

But for those who has the interest of walking softly on Earth at heart.

Choosing care over convenience. Quality over quantity. Slowing down as the human world speeds.

And that as a community, we believe every day is Earth Day.


From our hands to yours


One-of-a-kind wall print

Made of fabric pieces from sampling for clients and test prints over the years but as you already know, we minimise waste any way we can so these wall prints are very rare and limited. Whatever colour or print it comes in, it’s a delight to look at and happy to be among your plant friends.


The life-changing e-book

What They’re Not Telling You About Your Clothes has been a transformative tool for readers since its release last November. From helping a mother-of-two feel like her best self after evaluating her clothes to supporting an aspiring minimalist whose relationship with clothes was once "love at first sight", this e-book is your handy guide to buying less and better.


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