Happy International Women's Day


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is a reality.”

Yoko Ono’s simple words ring true, especially for a pair of sisters from a small, quiet neighbourhood in Singapore like us. What started out on our bedroom floor is now a community that turns insight into action because knowing is not enough.


Textiles have a long history of being regarded as “women's work” and inherently life-sustaining: clothing for protection, nets for subsistence fishing, baskets for gathering and storing produce, and tents for shelter.

Deeply connected to women’s hands and the Earth, textiles are often considered to be “alive” — having a living quality through properties of absorption, expansion, flexibility and when worn as clothing, it’s the second skin.

But textiles of today tells a different story.

Depleting natural resources, dyes polluting rivers, lowly paid garment workers, stuffed wardrobes and landfills filled with unwanted clothing.

Out in the ocean, fishing nets are threatening aquatic life and at home, most textiles are derived from petroleum akin to plastic, instead of from the soil.

Non-iron, wrinkle-free clothes favoured over lived-in natural clothes. Engaging in a throwaway culture, not savouring the quality and responsibly-made.


We started Fictive Fingers to offer a better reality.

We take more time but use less resources and generate less waste to create something that will last you more years.

Because you deserve quality products that weave seamlessly into your life for as long as you want.

Because you believe in honouring the natural materials, human effort and emotional labour behind them.


We’ve designed uniforms, The Linen Wrap and now we’re about to design your wardrobe.


So your wardrobe can return to the days of functional and seasonless pieces, worthy of care and passing on. Putting you at ease in a busy world. That don’t get in the way of your movement throughout the day. You’d want to show up and even sleep in.

You’d want to wear them for years and still feel like you’re wearing for the first time.


100% European Linen

As always, we work with linen produced in various parts of Europe that offers the ideal climate and soil condition for the flax plant to thrive with minimal water use and maintenance. Tested for harmful substances and produced in accordance with OEKO-TEX® guidelines.

All that so you can experience its natural moisture-wicking property that allows your body to cool down through perspiration without feeling damp, especially here in Singapore. The hollow linen fibres let you feel pleasant in the heat and in cooler temperatures. It also contains lignan that prevents bacterial growth so the pieces can be worn several times without washing and remains odour-free.


Designed for women’s needs

Paring down an idea to its simplest form, making the best use of every inch of fabric with your bodily and lifestyle needs in mind. So you can look elegant and feel comfortable, you can look and feel put together dressed up or down.

Designed to discourage the disposable view of clothing and offer a transition to long-lasting clothing that serve many needs so you can buy fewer of them.


Want to make this dream a reality together?

We’ve spoken to women from all walks of life and paid attention to each micro-decision. At every crossroad, we looked to these women’s frustrations and ideals. For their narratives inspire and provide clarity to the design process.

Grab a copy of our e-book, What They’re Not Telling You About Your Clothes.

To gain indispensable knowledge about the fabric that touches your skin daily and be the first ones to know of our progress that we don’t share anywhere else.

If you already have a copy of the e-book and know of someone who share the same dream, share this page.


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