What They're Not Telling You About Your Clothes

 What They’re Not Telling You About Your Clothes

Do you really know what you’re wearing?

You’re about to with this digital download that unfolds What They’re Not Telling You About Your Clothes.

Because you deserve clothes that soothe your eczema, not aggravate it. Clothes that work as hard as you do. Clothes that got you covered, not short-changed.

It’s time to get to know fabric beyond their names. You’d be surprised how much some fabric care for you and all you have to do is to return the favour. You’ll find inspirational yet practical steps to a wardrobe you love.

Chances are you’d want to declutter and you can now do it responsibly. The best part: there’s no need for another round soon after because you’re only meeting your material needs and won’t be missing out on anything.



We’re Hani and Aisah. For years, we’ve been designing products made to last using hardworking fabric. The Linen Wrap (Kimono) got people wondering the secret to its quality. Well, there’s no secret.

From cheap fabrics to sloppy stitching, today's clothes are increasingly designed to lose their charm quickly so you have to buy more and look forward to the next new thing.

We put together this digital download so that you know What They’re Not Telling You About Your Clothes.


With our guidance, you’ll no longer make the mistake of:

  • Wearing clothes that give you fake comfort

  • Spending on clothes destined to fall apart

  • Destroying your clothes while doing laundry

  • Storing your clothes the wrong way

  • Decluttering to no avail



We’re releasing this digital download on November 23 but if you get it now, you can also:

  • Get creative with Bonus Tutorials

  • Submit questions to the Q&A Vault

For a price of a t-shirt, get this digital download with over 100 pages designed in PDF format with clickable chapter links for easy navigation.

It starts with you. When you make simple changes through this digital download, you’re also helping to reduce the impact of clothes on the environment.

The textile and fashion industry is worth billion of dollars but also the second most polluting industry, just behind oil. Let’s take matters into your own hands.

The Q&A Vault

Get started now before we release on November 23 and submit your questions. By the time you receive the digital download, you’ll get a thorough answer from us and access to Q&A from many others.

Bonus Tutorials

Before tossing them into the bin or charity box, try our easy-to-follow tutorials on repurposing unwearable clothes, printing over visible stains and refreshing with a new colour.

It’s not as easy as it looks because results vary from fabric to fabric.

Youtube videos don’t guarantee results, we do.

If you don’t look into variables like fabric type, fabric weight, time and sequence, you’ll be creating more stains than covering them — you don’t want that.

We pour our time into working with fabric so these tutorials are meant for you to only pour your time into enjoying the experience.


Printing over visible stains



It’s time to know