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Before you submit, let’s be clear on these few things:

We don’t run classes. At least not anymore. We’ve taught our low-impact approach to screen printing on fabric for over 6 years (aka Fabric Printing Basics) and here’s why we’ve stopped.

We don’t accept design, commission, wholesale or retail requests. You may have seen our work for Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, ArtScience Museum, Club Rainbow, Innisfree among the long list of our past clients but it’s not something we can commit to now.

We’re not looking for interns or team members. Thank you for the interest!

We love to share our ideas and experiences. But there’s just the two of us so help us make the most informed decision on speaking at your event or class by giving details such as the topic you’d like us to contribute, expected audience size and who the other speakers are, if any.

And if we don’t respond within a week, send the message again because it may have drowned in our inbox.

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