What they say

“I’ve been coming back to your article over the course of the last two days and simply want to say that you’re leading the way by being the change we need to see around consumerism.

At the end of the day we only have control over our own actions.”

- Mandy-Anne Berridge 


“Really appreciate your detailed breakdown of everything in the fashion industry.”

- Anessa AJ


“Glad I read that. Such an important topic that’s rarely addressed as admirably or written about so beautifully.”

— Alexander Devol


“A lot to think and reflect about. I think a lot of mindfulness and consciousness is needed to really embody sustainability and have the discipline to practice it.

I must say sometimes I get sucked into the considerations of what's "convenient", what's "cheap" or wanting the latest trendy stuff that some of these habits make me consume more than I should and lose sight of what's valuable and important.

Thanks for the reminder and continue to inspire ladies.”

- Agnessa Chan


“Thank you for being so transparent about your creative process and frame of mind. Also for putting some much thinking into the environmental impact your creations have.

You've given me some food for thoughts.”

- Elodie Bellegarde


“A very thought-provoking read, makes me want to try declutter and buy less, more consciously.

Thanks for sharing your principles and vision.”

- Katrina Glassick


“Thank you for leading the way and educating us to consume ethically and thoughtfully.”

- Jasmin Ivins


“After watching the video, it makes me more aware of what fabric I’m wearing and what kind of fabrics I want to invest and wear in the future.”

- Sabrina Siow