Takara Gallery Tenugui

  • In collaboration with Takara Gallery, this Tenugui combines water elements from two drastically different regions - Gujo, Japan where Takara Gallery is located in with the place Hani and Aisah grew up in Singapore. Apart from being known as the birthplace of screenprinting in Japan, Gujo's pristine rivers, water springs, and maintenance of traditional ecological practices that have kept the water running through the town exceptionally clean for centuries are part of its local pride. The reservoir near Hani and Aisah's home holds many fond memories of quiet afternoon strolls with the family and picking of fallen leaves of the mimosa plant along the pathways. It was a place to take respite, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    We explore how water gives a sense of calmness and clarity, what's much needed in our bustling, everyday lives. May the Tenugui on the wall be a reminder to breathe, the notebook a reason to sit down and write your thoughts, the case to organise the tools you need.

  • Tenugui is a traditional Japanese towel that is only limited by the user’s imagination. Tenugui was once an expensive commodity, used in ceremonies and religious rituals during the Heian era when fabric making remained a painstaking and costly process. Today, the tenugui fills the needs of time as a head band, belt, wallet as well as protective and decorative wrapping. There are no hems on a Tenugui, allowing it to dry evenly and quickly. Handprinted and trimmed in Gujo, Japan. Measurements: 14 by 37 inches or 36cm by 95cm  

    The 100-page notebook is covered using the Tenugui and the papers used are made in Japan by Tsubame Note, known for easy writing and bleed resistance. Handmade by Takara Gallery. Measurements: 6 by 8.5 inches or 15cm by 21cm (A5)

    The case is lined with durable grey linen-weaved Japanese cotton and made according to Fictive Fingers quality standards in the studio, Singapore. Measurements: 2.5 by 8 inches or 7cm by 20cm


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