Worthy of care and handing down


“The Linen Wrap is my utmost favorite piece and I treasure it enough to hand down to my future children.”

- Lin Shafie


Its durability welcomes machine wash but with a mild or diluted detergent.

Most laundry detergents in the market is loaded with harsh and toxic ingredients aimed to remove tough stains and achieve elevated cleanliness ideals of being germ-free.

When used excessively, these detergents destroy your clothes with every wash and only those made of synthetic fabric are unlikely to show the damage.

Because we use high-grade European linen of a specific weight and weave, our products can withstand being machine washed for years. PS: That’s the original Ochre Linen Wrap from 2015 worn and machine washed for years.


We encourage using laundry nets.

Not only for our products but also all of your clothes so you can maintain their quality for longer. Always spot clean visible or isolated stains before putting into the machine. Wash in cold water to care for them further and reduce your energy consumption. Using the delicate or gentle cycle that cleans with slow tumbling and spinning can also help with the longevity of your clothes. This cycle is not restricted to your sweaters and undergarments.


“Love how the Linen Wrap feels on the skin, and it’s so quick to dry.”

- Jacklyn


Hand wash to age gracefully.

To let it age gracefully, hand wash to keep it away from the abrasive spinning of the washing machine. Fill a tub with water and a small drop of mild detergent — the water shouldn’t foam too much. Again, spot clean any visible or isolated stains before submerging the piece into the tub. Swirl to make the water pass through fabric effectively and gently scrub between your knuckles. Rinse and squeeze out the water as long as it’s not dripping wet. Air dry and your linen piece will be ready to be stored or iron in a few hours.


Good to know…

Linen loses water as rapidly as it absorbs which means 1) You won’t feel clammy and sticky on a hot, humid day 2) You can do laundry on rainy days and dry indoors because linen dries quickly. You won’t get that musty smell all thanks to linen’s natural antibacterial properties.

Not the ironing type? Iron in a jiffy just once while its still damp from washing — we hardly iron our linen clothes. Wear it, let it air dry, wear it again, air dry and repeat. The same properties that put an end to musky laundered clothes enable you to wear it several times without the dreaded B.O. And the more you wear it, the more you see the beauty in the creases. Eventually, you won’t notice them at all because linen gets softer with each wear and wash. If you prefer to go without the creases, dampen with a spray bottle filled with water and iron at 230°C.


“I’ve worn it to sleep, out and about — I’ve not washed it since the day it arrived and it still smells like new!”

- Alia Zulasmin

You can reduce the related carbon, water and waste footprints of your clothing by 20-30% when you keep them in use for just nine extra months (WRAP, 2012). Caring for and keeping them away from landfills is one the simplest thing you can do for yourself (especially your wallet) and the environment.