Miss our past work? Buy secondhand

Chances are you’d have noticed that there are a lot of changes around here. The most apparent being not running our fabric printing classes and offering a variety of products like pouches and slings. While the response to the informative sharing on Instagram, thought-provoking emails sent weekly, zero-waste approach to our current work have been incredibly well-received, we’re aware that some may find our direction rather unexpected.

Because the common growth stories entail hiring more people, outsourcing production, licensing design to reputable companies, distributing to brick-and-mortar shops everywhere and worldwide. Instead, we made doing less our guiding philosophy.

We’re still the ones behind every product and content you read, you’re buying directly from us and it’s now only possible if you’re in Singapore.

Growth is a tricky subject and the way we approach it goes against the term “business as usual”. You must be wondering, the fabric printing classes were so popular, why did we stop? The product range had more options to choose from, why did we drastically reduce it to just the Linen Wrap and Linen Tote?

Fictive Fingers started with a simple idea of collaborating as sisters and we’ve been making with our hands for as long as we can remember.

We didn’t set out to create long-lasting products with minimal waste and impact on the environment — it happened organically. Since we’re involved in every step of the process, wastage isn’t just a vague percentage but we literally see fabric scraps piling up, excess ink drying up and water that can be reused going down the drain.

Our early products are only known to be hardworking through the stories from the community and it became our quest to dive deeper into what truly makes something withstand the test of time and wear.

Offering products that meet different needs helped us better understand the people we create for. On top of that, teaching fabric printing was an invitation for you to connect with our creative process. To deliberately slow down and enjoy the beauty of making things by hand in a fast-paced world. To stop and ask questions, creating an open dialogue that’s now actively happening on Instagram.

The Linen Wrap or what was initially referred to as the kimono, really set a new standard for us: working with 100% European flax linen to enhance the long-lasting quality while ensuring not an inch of it goes to waste. Making ordinary things like a simple tote bag, extraordinary. Giving great attention to detail and care because these products are not meant to be quickly replaced and forgotten.

They’re meant to witness many life transitions, yet still remain a favourite. They’re meant to get softer, showing wear and tear of everyday life. Soft creases and faded prints are welcomed, not shunned upon.

While much has changed, creating together as a sister duo, making with our hands is still the heart of Fictive Fingers.

Our secondhand store honours the early years and it’s where you can find lived-in products from our own wardrobes and contributed by the community. Not only are you able to get the products at a fraction of the original price, you’re engaging in responsible consumption by extending the lifespan of these products.

Leave a comment here and tell us the product(s) you hope to find at the secondhand store.

Aisah Dalduri