Slow down and make bread

Making bread is so basic that it’s deeply satisfying and Fiona Ling can attest to it: “Cooking with heart is a real thing, it has taught me about life and happiness.” She shares her great appreciation for homemade food through her blog and Instagram, going by the handle that tells it all - Fiona loves to cook.


Sourdough bread has wormed its way into my everyday life now.

SD Bread1.jpeg
SD Bread3.jpeg

What I love the most is the linen couche used, it’s by far the most ideal material for proofing bread dough.


Made of natural flax fibers, linen lets the dough breathe, effectively release carbon dioxide that will eventually make the bread rise. It’s unbleached, no chemicals and dyes, very durable, also flexible and light.

SD Bread6.jpeg

It’s really fascinating to see the dough change and evolve in that breathable linen-lined little wicker basket.

SD Bread7.jpeg
SD Bread8.jpeg
SD Bread9.jpeg

Also, linen couche can be used as furoshiki, a super cute wrap for a homemade bread gift.


Words and photos by Fiona Ling

Aisah Dalduri