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More about sister duo textile designers Hani & Aisah Dalduri.

Hani and Aisah Dalduri

We’re Hani and Aisah Dalduri.

Mostly known as the sister duo textile designers behind products made to last mostly recognised with the Raga print. We take more time to ensure less waste and consumption of resources, creating something that will last you more years.

Apart from our sewing machines, nothing works harder than our hands.

We design to honour the inherent comfort in welcoming something made with care and time into your life. Knowing who its made by and how, what materials are used and where’s the source so you get a sense of the impact it has on your life and the environment.

Because the world is filled with by-products of complex, energy-intensive production process lacking in traceability, environmental awareness, and destined to be quickly replaced or thrown away. Having you walk softly on the Earth with us is enough reason to wake up in the morning, roll up our sleeves and get to work. You know what else lights us up?

People telling us their stories of how our work weaves seamlessly into their life, witness many transitions and remains a favourite for years. Read them here.

As sister duo textile designers, we’ve worked with Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, ArtScience Museum, Club Rainbow, Innisfree, WMF and WWF among many others. We’ve also been featured in tv shows and speaking events.

But really, we’re just two sisters who grew up and still live in a quiet suburb of Singapore.

Every window in the house frames the eye-soothing greenery that surrounds us and natural light pours in without us needing to turn on the light switch until much later or when it rains.

One of the many analogue photos taken by Dad

One of the many analogue photos taken by Dad

Our lives are simple and close to nature: we love the sense of community in public housing; eating real food cooked at home; reducing waste and sorting recyclables all while wearing clothes made of natural fabric, mostly linen.

Fictive Fingers embodies all the things close to our hearts and we hope you see yourself among the small group of people in the world we create for.

From our hands to yours.