More time, less waste, last for years


Since the beginning, it has always been about quality over quantity.

We made one-of-a-kind pieces in the early days of 2013. Then we slowly and with intention, designed products not specifically made for one person but to satisfy various functions while honouring the beauty that can only be achieved when made one piece at a time.

We took more time but generate less waste to create products that last for years.

Fictive Fingers is after all, a reflection of how we lead our lives — creatively, purposefully and minimally.

Through our products we promote the quality of the natural, non-toxic, low impact approach against the fast, mass and often irresponsible production happening every single day.

Through our printing classes we promote the therapeutic quality of learning and making one thing well with your hands without being distracted by the constant dings of the mobile phone.

Every product, every open studio and every educational social media sharing, invites you to shape your everyday life based on values close to your heart.

If you’re reading this, some of our shared values include simple living, reducing impact and reclaiming time for what matters most.


Our bold move for 2020

We design to honour the inherent comfort in welcoming something made with care and time into your life. Knowing who its made by and how, what materials are used and where’s the source so you get a sense of the impact it has on your life and the environment.

The Linen Wrap is only one of the many designs we’ve worked on that get to see the light of day. Most of them remain in our idea vault until they’ve been carefully scrutinised for possibilities of wastage in resources and time.

We don’t release a product until there’s a viable demand for it. Simply because the world is filled with overly-produced stuff you don’t need and we don’t wish to add to the pile.

In 2020, you get to vote for a product to be released for orders.

We’ll be actively presenting work-in-progress pieces that feature our love for high-grade European linen, minimal-to-zero-waste approach to design and long-lasting quality. If you believe it’s something that will enhance and weave seamlessly into your life, you can vote for it to be released for orders.

That means you get to know the ins and outs of the product, ask questions, learn insight way before it’s available for orders. You get to be the shark in the tank.

More on how the voting works and other exciting news will be revealed after our sold-out September retreat.

But here’s a chance to be among the first 50 to vote.

Pre-order the limited edition Natural Linen Wrap and submit a suggestion on products you wish we’d design and change your life. We’ll follow up on your suggestion throughout the next few months.


The Natural Linen Wrap


Designed for comfort and constructed to last so you can wear it for years and still feel like you’re wearing for the first time. Made by our two pairs of hands without an inch of 100% European linen wasted and printed with water-based, nontoxic ink. A one-time limited edition of only 50 pieces.

  • One size

  • 95cm wide, 65cm long when flat with an 25cm armhole

  • Singapore addresses only, free registered local delivery

  • Delivery by mid November 2019


Limited Edition of 50

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