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Born out of a casual dinner conversation between sisters Hani and Aisah Dalduri about doing something creative and meaningful with their lives, Fictive Fingers has been a self-sufficient endeavour that started in a small bedroom. An endeavour to create products that can be appreciated just as much for the beauty as the use value by combining the love for textiles and traditional printing methods. Thriving on a slow design philosophy, the brand commits to small-scale production and remain free from passing trends.

Hani and Aisah are best known for their distinctive patterns that originate from hand drawings made using various mediums the sister duo enjoy exploring with. They design and make products suitable for everyday wear, attributing their simple way of living to be the foundation of their design approach. As self-taught artists and makers, they give back to the community by hosting creative retreats and running an online class. They also work with visionary brands, organizations and government bodies such as:



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"The opportunity to discuss with Fictive Fingers was worth it - I got to choose the prints I like and have them printed on the items I need. Each product turned out one of a kind and that's what I love most."
Azizah Rohani


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"A harmony in design that is clearly the work of two very inspired sisters."

Time Out Magazine

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